Kerrymcc1 (kerrymcc1) wrote,

i normall don't do this...

i normally don't do this but, then again, neither does melissa beazer.

i'm not sure if everyone knows this, but i am involved in a non-profit organization at school that raises money to give fellowships to public interest students over the summer. public interest students are usually unpaid, whereas kids who work at firms make $2700/week (yes - per WEEK! - that is not a typo). the fellowships we give out are $4000 for ten weeks of employment to help cover rent, groceries, travel, and other bills.

what we are doing right now is our spring pledge drive. i'm asking you, if you can, to donate to TLF by going to and following the paypal instructions. every gift is tax-deductible and it goes to a great cause. if you want to vote for fellowship recipients, you can read the proposals and put who you'd like to vote for in the comments section. if you've been to texas or have talked to me about law school a lot, you may recognize some of the names.

okay, thanks guys!

p.s. if you pledge $200 or more, you get a "make love, not law review" t-shirt in pink, navy, or white. just put your size and color preference in the notes section. i realize most people don't think that's funny unless they are in law school.
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