Kerrymcc1 (kerrymcc1) wrote,

blanks on a blank

i didn't mean to, but i've jumped on the snakes on a plane bandwagon. the alamo is having a "blanks on a blank" amateur film contest followed by a showing of the movie on thursday night, so i just could resist. it was really cheap, too! roxanne and i are going, matt may come with us. i can't wait.

whole foods hasn't called me, so i guess they are not interested in hiring me. poops. oh well, i guess it wasn't meant to be :(

my life still equals lots of pools, tanning, reading, and dvds.

roxanne's taking me out to meet some people tonight. awesome.

ohh i saw strangers with candy last night and i liked it, but not as much as i thought i would. hm.
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