Kerrymcc1 (kerrymcc1) wrote,

austin, tx

i got a cute cruiser bike (a diamondback drifter) to explore austin, but right now it's chilling out in my kitchen (i've been feeling lazy the past day or two since i got it - i'm on vacation!) it's definitely the bike for me.

i applied at whole foods but i doubt i'll hear from them, cause they probably have a million people with wide open schedules dying to work for them.

i signed up to volunteer at the yoga studio (or, rather, network of studios) i'd like to go to because they give you credit towards paying for classes. i also signed up to volunteer with the austin film society.

tonight i'm going out with euka to meet his friends. tomorrow i've got to talk someone into going to this ( with me. it's free and weird. once school starts, i won't have time for stuff like that.

oh, and i spent about two hours in a whole foods-like supermarket today. my bill totalled 95 CENTS (i bought some wasabi peas and sesame sticks) but i think it's the only time in my life i've gone up and down every aisle, stopping to read every interesting package and really looking at everything. vacation is awesome.

i've also been watching a lot of movies and a lot of the office (british and u.s.). mmm....vacation.
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Hey I am taking Yoga this semester!

It sounds like you are making yourself right at home without hesitation. That is good. Show me pictures of your appartment! Is it awesome?
woooo the office is wonderfully ridiculous. its amazing how just watching their uncomfortable situations can make you uncomfortable too. vacations are wonderful....

good luck in Austin!! I miss you!!

I have Wissahickon gossip and it's good!
ohhh....if it can't be posted on here, you can e-mail me at:

p.s. i miss you too :-) what are you up to?
what I'm up to is a long story, but I'll catch you up soon.

basically... it appears Milleo had relations with some girls in our grade. one of whom was the prom queen who wasn't because she was passed out in the bathroom. one of whom was blonde and on the track team but wasn't Paige.