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7th March 2007

7:43pm: i normall don't do this...
i normally don't do this but, then again, neither does melissa beazer.

i'm not sure if everyone knows this, but i am involved in a non-profit organization at school that raises money to give fellowships to public interest students over the summer. public interest students are usually unpaid, whereas kids who work at firms make $2700/week (yes - per WEEK! - that is not a typo). the fellowships we give out are $4000 for ten weeks of employment to help cover rent, groceries, travel, and other bills.

what we are doing right now is our spring pledge drive. i'm asking you, if you can, to donate to TLF by going to www.texaslawfellowships.org and following the paypal instructions. every gift is tax-deductible and it goes to a great cause. if you want to vote for fellowship recipients, you can read the proposals and put who you'd like to vote for in the comments section. if you've been to texas or have talked to me about law school a lot, you may recognize some of the names.

okay, thanks guys!

p.s. if you pledge $200 or more, you get a "make love, not law review" t-shirt in pink, navy, or white. just put your size and color preference in the notes section. i realize most people don't think that's funny unless they are in law school.

4th December 2006

3:01pm: ATTN: people who don't wear underwear

i think you are gross. and yes, i am judging you. so what? you are gross.

2nd November 2006

12:45am: i think my toenail is going to fall off :(

it happened to me once as a child after i stubbed my toe really bad (in 2nd grade) and i think it's going to happen again due to a flag football injury.

23rd October 2006

6:55pm: jenny lewis = tonight!!!!

15th October 2006

5:40pm: my mom is going to china on tuesday! wooo china mom wooo!

2nd October 2006

4:09pm: justin is a gross pervert
at some point right before my move to austin, i did laundry at justin's house and somehow left one of my bras there, which neither of us realized until after i was already on my way down here.

anyways, justin told me he'd send it to me but after about a million reminder e-mails from me and two big fights about it, it's (just over) two months later and i still don't have it. i don't think he's even mailed it.

so if you see him, tell him he's a gross pervert. tell your friends. spread the news.

(seriously...this is just like when brian had my t-shirt after we split and he kept it for like a year, then returned it with holes all over it in weird places.)

29th September 2006

1:40pm: claudia is coming to visit! for ex parte and halloween!

25th September 2006

9:57pm: i've gotten no less than four free t-shirts since law school started (on aug 30th) and there is seriously no end in sight. i think they're going to give me back my entire tuition in t-shirts.

13th September 2006

4:57pm: happy birthday to meeeeeeeee
r. kelly's trial starts on my birthday! wheeeeeeeeeeee! that's a good birthday present. i hope that pervert gets sent to jail. or a closet.

5th September 2006

10:28pm: her notecards are so fun:


(done by my friend, morgan, for those of you who don't know her!)

3rd September 2006

11:46pm: I went to a show and it was fun (RJD2)!

2nd September 2006

11:55pm: I keep reading entries on my friends list (hey, friends!) about people's jobs, people looking for jobs, and people talking about other major life decisions. I feel like I only have a few other friends who are in the same (school) boat as me. And I don't think anyone else is in law school, unless I am mistaken.

Today I rode my bike to Stubb's to buy a ticket to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins but their printer was broken so they couldn't print one out for me. Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't go to the show? I'll try Waterloo Records soon.

This Thursday is "First Thursday" down on South Congress and I think it will mark for me being in Austin for a month. It feels like a lot more and a lot less, all at the same time.

School itself is going well so far. I don't think I get any grades at all until the middle of October, then not again until finals. So really I'll have no idea how I'm doing at all until the semester's over.

Oh, to all the Philadelphians/Pennsylvanians: I will be in Philly for Thanksgiving. I just bought my plane tickets yesterday.

It's really strange to get my financial aid for the whole semester all at once. It's just sitting there, in my bank account. Okay, I transferred most of it to my savings, but still.

I really need a couch :(

I'm going to go read some Economist and David Sedaris instead of doing homework.

P.S. Today I snuck into a Longhorns game and I saw the world's biggest HDTV. Also, rumor has it that Chuck Norris was there but I didn't see him personally.

31st August 2006

8:18pm: um....best google vanity search ever??:


i know one letter is off, but still!!

30th August 2006

8:40pm: my shower got fixed today, finally!

i survived my first day of class.

i have some new health insurance.

i went to yoga today.

uhh...has anyone else heard 50 cent's version of london bridge? (it's on perez if you haven't yet)

28th August 2006

8:40pm: apparently i've lost my ability to figure out what race people are. first, there was that incident where i didn't realize a man was asian even though he was talking to me about his concerns about racism in port richmond. then, last night, i was telling roxanne that i met a friend of hers at a party and she said "oh yeah, so-and-so, from africa?" i was outside on my cell phone, so at that point i walked a few feet over to the door and looked in, thinking there was no way i could have missed that this dude was black. guess what? i did.

poor justin has had to deal with some retarded horseshit lately and it makes me really glad that i am not around to have to deal with it anymore, but it also makes me feel bad for him and his friends :( he's a great dude and he definitely doesn't deserve it. and after being in a serious relationship with him for over a year i definitely think i'm a more qualified judge of his character than a lot of other people out there. then again, he is really great about not letting shit bother him. probably because he's so old that he just forgets ;)

tonight i'm going out dancing and they'd better play bossy.


16th August 2006

2:27am: CARLY

i am safe!!!!!!!!!!!!

i checked out the dell website, and i am okay. thank you for your concern :)

15th August 2006

2:46pm: blanks on a blank
i didn't mean to, but i've jumped on the snakes on a plane bandwagon. the alamo is having a "blanks on a blank" amateur film contest followed by a showing of the movie on thursday night, so i just could resist. it was really cheap, too! roxanne and i are going, matt may come with us. i can't wait.

whole foods hasn't called me, so i guess they are not interested in hiring me. poops. oh well, i guess it wasn't meant to be :(

my life still equals lots of pools, tanning, reading, and dvds.

roxanne's taking me out to meet some people tonight. awesome.

ohh i saw strangers with candy last night and i liked it, but not as much as i thought i would. hm.

12th August 2006

10:06pm: today i flew a plane!

it was awesome. we took a scenic flight over austin.

afterwards i kind of threw up a little. but it was still totally awesome!

11th August 2006

9:05pm: austin, tx
i got a cute cruiser bike (a diamondback drifter) to explore austin, but right now it's chilling out in my kitchen (i've been feeling lazy the past day or two since i got it - i'm on vacation!) it's definitely the bike for me.

i applied at whole foods but i doubt i'll hear from them, cause they probably have a million people with wide open schedules dying to work for them.

i signed up to volunteer at the yoga studio (or, rather, network of studios) i'd like to go to because they give you credit towards paying for classes. i also signed up to volunteer with the austin film society.

tonight i'm going out with euka to meet his friends. tomorrow i've got to talk someone into going to this (http://www.homemovieday.com/) with me. it's free and weird. once school starts, i won't have time for stuff like that.

oh, and i spent about two hours in a whole foods-like supermarket today. my bill totalled 95 CENTS (i bought some wasabi peas and sesame sticks) but i think it's the only time in my life i've gone up and down every aisle, stopping to read every interesting package and really looking at everything. vacation is awesome.

i've also been watching a lot of movies and a lot of the office (british and u.s.). mmm....vacation.

4th August 2006

12:54am: i live in texas! it is great.

my apartment is HUGE.

my furniture is still unassembled :-( but i'm working on it.

oh, and i bought a ton of beer (and ice cream) at the grocery store. nothing else, just that.

30th July 2006

11:08am: i am selling:

my window AC (one year old) for $35
my couch for $25 if anyone is interested.

28th July 2006

12:46pm: thanks to everyone who came out last night :-) i had a great time!

27th July 2006

11:58am: i am moving to austin on monday, my going away party is tonight. contact me if you need details!

25th July 2006

10:59pm: attn: single lady friends

why aren't any of you dating jake? he just made me a three course gourmet italian dinner while i sat on my ass and watched sex and the city. it was great.

24th July 2006

11:05pm: i am moving to austin a week from today, and thursday night is my going away party. get in touch with me if you need details.
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